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Maths in english : we learn a lot of things

This year for the first time in our highschool, we are doing maths in english.

We work with two exceptionals teachers : Mrs Grangaud is the maths teacher and Mr Ousseni is the english teacher.

It’s so funny and we learn lot of things. It helps us to upgrade our english and progress in maths. Teachers are more available for each student.
Now we find maths are awesome !!!

Ninon and Timothée


Work your maths

Hello !

 I’ve found a really great math website in english, on which you can find some solutions to solve problems, or tutorials to help people doing their homewors for example. The website’s responsibles also post some news about maths, or, like I said before, some great articles about it.

Here is the link of the website:
Have a nice day,
Pierre B.